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How this all started

Jason Denney


Engineer & Game Designer

"Doing the right thing should be easy."

So, who am I? Honestly, I’m just like you-- another consumer trying to change my spending habits so each purchase can support the causes I hold dear to my heart. As a life project, I have committed myself to researching the most ethical brands in each product category, and I want to use my research and computer programming skills to empower others so they can do the same.

It started out as a new years resolution, to slowly improve my purchasing habits by, once a month, picking a product I use often and researching more ethical alternatives. My primary motivation was to decrease my usage of plastics. The final straw for me with plastics (get it? Plastic… straw...) was when I was on vacation snorkeling and got engulfed in a slurry of tiny plastic bits and garbage. Rising up for air and coughing up trash, I declared I’d had enough.

As an engineer, I once worked at a plastics manufacturing company, and it helped me understand the importance of plastics in our lives, however I also learned about the non-cyclical process that converts our non-renewable resources into single-use products that simply get discarded back into our environment. Our tax dollars pay for the landfills that hold the trash these companies produce while we also play them to contaminate our environment in the process. We can do better. If we’re already paying with our tax dollars and natural resources, why not invest that money in companies that are willing to avoid the problem altogether?

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