Intentful Consumers

The full intention of making a difference.

Conscious consumerism has risen to the forefront of conversations these days, but it has also been heavily critiqued as a facade to ease our guilt and disdain for capitalism. To be conscious of something means to “be painfully aware of or sensitive to” it. From that perspective, we agree with the critics of conscious consumerism in that it’s too passive of an approach that isn’t likely to accomplish much. That’s why we, instead, propose the concept of being intentful consumers.

Why is it better to consume with an intentional mindset, rather than just a conscious one? That’s our favorite question, so let’s get right to it. Intention is a mental state in which one is committed to carrying out certain actions in the present or future. This inherently demands some level of planning and forethought, usually guided by a certain goal or set of values. The goal-oriented nature of intention gives it the power to accomplish so much more than mere awareness of our problems.

At Intentful Consumers, we are here to empower you with the knowledge you need to take action with each purchase, rather than just be mindful of its impacts. But first, there’s something important we all need to remember. Whether we want to call it conscious, responsible, or intentional -- consumption is still consumption, so it’s crucial to remember that every product and service inevitably has detrimental impacts on society and the environment, even if they are actively being reduced or offset by the company.

We must remember that selling products involves consuming resources and creating waste and/or pollution, no matter which way you slice it. Let’s not pretend that anyone is going to stop buying the things we need and want, but that’s the point -- we don’t think that you should have to. Consider the positive change that could happen if each purchase supports a business working towards the future we all hope to see by creating value for society, in addition to pursuing profit.

While we might not be perfect, the point is that we must, at the very least, try.

Oh, one last thing. We know intentful isn’t a real word, and we’re ok with that. Deal with it.

You can be an Intentful Consumer!

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